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Stern & Co., based in New York and Los Angeles, specializes in financial public relations and communications for a wide range of sectors -- from high tech and airlines, to entertainment and nonprofit institutions. Chairman Richard L. Stern was a senior editor and investigative journalist for 13 years at Forbes magazine, where he was a colleague of Klebnikov's. Focusing on corporate crime, Stern, among other honors, won the Loeb award for a Forbes cover story on First Jersey Securities. President Stephanie Stern is a former Emmy-winning producer for NBC-TV, and assignment editor at WNBC-TV. (While producer at the network, she headed the Find Investigative Bureau.) Their associates at Stern & Co. include Christine Davies, a former editor of USA Today and Bloomberg News, Arlene Hershman, the former editor of Dun's Review, John Goodman, a former producer at ABC TV's Good Morning America and Stan Froelich, a former WINS news editor. Stern & Co.'s clients include financial institutions (i.e. Merrill Lynch, Jefferies, Edward Jones and Siebert Financial) and educational and civic institutions such as the business schools of Loyola Marymount University and Penn State University, and the Central City Association of Los Angeles, which is spearheading the revitalization of downtown LA. Internationally, Stern's public relations consulting projects have extended from Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, to Great Britain, Finland, China, India, Mexico and Ghana.

* Stern & Co. is handling communications for Project Klebnikov

contact: Richard Stern, 1-212-888-0044,

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