Anastasia Serdyukova *

Anastasia Serdyukova graduated from Rostov State University (Russia) in 2002 and is now enrolled in masters studies at NYU's Business and Economic Reporting program. She has previously taught courses in English language, writing and editing at Rostov's School of Philology and Journalism and, in 2003, attended Ithaca College in the U.S. as a visiting scholar. Serdyukova has also studied and worked as an instructor at the Russian-American Journalism Institute -- a joint program of NYU, Rostov and Ithaca that brings Russian and American students and educators together to collaborate on international stories and journalism techniques. From 1998-2002, Serdyukova was a student at the Moscow Institute of Commerce. She speaks four languages and is skilled in broadcast news production.

* Anastasia Serdyukova is a Project Klebnikov reporter-intern


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