Daniel Keeler *

Since 2001, Daniel Keeler has been the managing editor and then editor of New York-based Global Finance magazine, where he oversees all aspects of publication, including a global network of freelance writers. He previously served as a freelance editor and writer for various publications, including Global Finance and New York magazine. Through his own content management company, Celerity Media, Keeler worked as an editorial consultant in various industries, including advertising and private banking. He has created content for several websites and built a number of them as well. From 1997-99, he worked as group production manager for one of the UK's leading financial publishing firms, where he helped oversee the launch of Bloomberg Money. From 1995-97, he was deputy editor of Sunday Business (London). Prior to 1995, Keeler was a business reporter for Sky TV, BusinessAge and the South China Morning Post. He has a civil engineering degree from England's Plymouth University.

* Dan Keeler is the editor/webmaster of Project Klebnikov

contact: danielkeeler@gmail.com

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