Gary Weiss

Gary Weiss, an award-winning investigative reporter, has written extensively on financial fraud and Wall Street corruption. At Business Week (1986-2004), he broke the story of the Salomon Brothers bond-trading scandal, and wrote big exposes on stock scams, Internet fraud and the recent corporate crime wave. His 1996 cover story, "The Mob on Wall Street," revealed how Street firms had been infiltrated by organized crime, and were ripping off billions of dollars from investors. It led to many convictions, as well as a letter to the magazine from then-FBI director Louis Freeh praising Weiss's work for having opened the door to FBI probes in NY and Florida. Weiss is now lecturing and writing books ("Born to Steal," 2003; "Wall Street Versus America," 2006). He is a graduate of Northwestern University, and previously worked for Barron's magazine, the Hartford Courant, and several news services in Washington.

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