Knut Royce

Knut Royce was a major contributor to three Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in three different decades before joining the Center for Public Integrity (1999-2001) as a senior fellow, specializing in Russian organized crime. A decade ago, he was named by the Washingtonian as one of the two best investigative print reporters in the nation's capital, and his exposes have continued to break ground -- on topics ranging from the Iraq war to the Valerie Plame case, from terrorism and al-Qaeda to the Russian mob. Armed with an English degree (Dickinson College), and a journalism masters (Univ. of Iowa), Royce worked in Ethiopia for the Peace Corps before joining Newsday (1968-76) as a beat reporter, foreign correspondent and a member of the investigative team. After a two-year stint probing political corruption for the Suffolk County (NY) DA's office, he launched an i-team at the San Jose Mercury-News, worked as an investigative reporter at the Kansas City Times, and served as the national security and intelligence correspondent for Hearst Newspapers. In 1987, he returned to Newsday, where he's been working part-time since 2002. In addition to his work on three Pulitzers -- "The Heroin Trail" (1974); the collapse of a Hyatt skywalk (1982); the crash of TWA Flight 800 (1997) -- Royce has won numerous awards, including the Worth Bingham prize and an AP award for investigative reporting. In 2002, he conducted State Dept-sponsored seminars on investigative reporting for journalists in Africa, Slovenia and Croatia.


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