Richard Bonin

Richard Bonin is an award-winning investigative reporter and producer, based in Washington, D.C., whose work over the past two decades has taken him to dozens of countries -- from Cuba to Kuwait, Honduras to Hong Kong, Israel to Iraq. Bonin's assignments have been just as varied: From the Hell's Angels and El Salvadoran death squads to the organized crime links of U.S. government officials; from the inner workings of the FDA to the CIA; from profiles of political leaders (Reagan, Blair, Waldheim) and convicted spies (Pollard, Walker) to exposes on drug smugglers, prison gangs, homicides, Iran contra and Al Qaeda terrorists. Bonin was raised in the NYC area and Los Angeles. While in college (University of Southern California), he uncovered a major football scandal for the campus newspaper that led to the disqualification of USC's 1980 Rose Bowl championship. Bonin interned at the now-defunct Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, which placed one of his stories on the front page. He also worked as a stringer for Sports Illustrated, and as a reporter for the Community Information Project, which originated and sold stories to numerous media outlets, such as PBS, ABC's 20-20, NBC and California magazine. In 1984, Bonin joined 60 Minutes (CBS), where he has won three Emmy awards. He also received the Clarence Darrow Foundation award in Los Angeles.


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