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A&G Information Services: Comtex,   1 March 2005
ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, Mar 01, 2005 (A&G News via COMTEX) -- Mouslim Ibrahimov is charged with "the murder, conspired and carried out by a group of people", informed the General Office of Public Prosecutor. The Editor-in-chief of the Russian branch of "Forbes" magazine, Khlebnikov was shot dead on the 9th of July 2004 in Moscow.  
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When Cultural Codes Prove Deadly
The Moscow Times,   2 March 2005, Yulia Latynina       
Last week, the Prosecutor General's Office charged a Chechen man extradited from Belarus, Kazbek Dukuzov, with the July 2004 murder of the editor of Russian Forbes, Paul Klebnikov .   
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MIN Media Industry Newsletter , 14 March 2005
Late last month--more than half a year after Klebnikov's July 9, 2004, assassination outside of the Moscow office of the newly launched Forbes Russia-- authorities charged Muslim Ibragimov with "involvement in the contract slaying." Ibragimov (also known as Kazbek Dukuzov) is an ethnic Chechen who allegedly was paid off by business types angered by Forbes Russia's listing of their net worths.  
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A glance at killings and attempted killings of prominent figures in Russia  
Associated Press Newswires, 17 March 2005
MOSCOW (AP) -- March 17, 2005: Anatoly Chubais, head of state-controlled eletricity monopoly and architect of controversial post-Soviet privatization in the early 1990s, survives explosion near his car and gun attack.  
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Architect of Russia reforms survives bomb attack on car  
Financial Times, 18 March 2005, By NEIL BUCKLEY and ARKADY OSTROVSKY
Anatoly Chubais, one of the architects of Russia's 1990 economic reforms, yesterday survived an assassination attempt that sent shivers through Moscow's political and business elite. A bomb, reported to have been packed with screws and bolts, exploded between the vehicles in Mr Chubais's two-car convoy on the Minsk highway west of Moscow at 9.30am. Two attackers then sprayed his heavily armoured BMW with automatic weapons fire.
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Russian Who Led State Sell-Off Escapes Ambush  
The Washington Post,   18 March 2005, Peter Finn       
The man who led the post-Soviet sell-off of Russian industry, creating many enemies and a few billionaires in the process, survived an assassination attempt Thursday morning when a roadside bomb detonated as his armored BMW passed a wooded area near his country home outside the capital. Anatoly Chubais, who heads Russia's state-controlled electricity monopoly, was attacked as he was headed to work in Moscow from an elite residential area where he lives. After the blast, his vehicle came under automatic-weapons fire. His security detail, following in another car, returned fire and scattered the attackers, who escaped into the woods. Chubais and his bodyguards were unhurt.  
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Belarus TV shows questioning of suspected Chechen militant  
BBC Monitoring Ukraine & Baltics, 28 March 2005
Belarusian border guards in Minsk have detained a resident of Russia's Chechnya who is suspected of participation in illegal military formations and of complicity in hostage-taking in Russia, Belarusian TV has reported. A TV correspondent and a Belarusian operative reported about the detainee's interrogation and said that he faces extradition to Russia. The following is an excerpt from a report broadcast by Belarusian television on 28 March:
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Former top Russian intelligence official gunned down in Moscow   
Associated Press Newswires, 10 April 2005
MOSCOW (AP) - Assailants wielding automatic weapons from a passing car gunned down a former top Russian intelligence official while he drove on a Moscow street Sunday, Russian news agencies reported. Col. Gen. Anatoly Trofimov, former deputy chief of the Federal Security Service under President Boris Yeltsin, was shot in his sport utility vehicle around 7:30 p.m. on a northern street, the Interfax news agency reported. He died on the scene.   
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Return of the contract killer claims ex-KGB chief   
The Sunday Times, 17 April 2005, Mark Franchetti in Moscow        
AT FIRST neighbours mistook the shots for firecrackers. Then the quiet Moscow street was filled with a child's screams. When people rushed out they were confronted by a heartbreaking scene: Tatyana, 4, stood crying by her parents who lay in a pool of blood. Colonel-General Anatoly Trofimov, her father, had been shot in the head and the chest by a masked gunman and died instantly. Her mother, Tatyana Kopytseva, 28, had been hit in the head as she tried to flee and was mortally wounded.  
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Double contract killing marks return to lawlessness in Moscow   
The Australian, 18 April 2005, Mark Franchetti
Moscow  -- AT first, neighbours mistook the shots for firecrackers. Then the quiet Moscow street was filled with a child's screams
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Journalist watchdog urges Rice to act over detained Russian reporters  
Agence France Presse, 18 April 2005
WASHINGTON, April 18 (AFP) -  The Reporters Without Borders press watchdog has urged US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to raise what it called serious threats to press freedom in Russia when she meets President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.  
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48 Hours Mystery  
CBS News: 48 Hours, 30 April 2005, Susan Spencer       
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a very exciting city. There`s a lot going on. There are lots of places to go out. There`s expensive stores, expensive cars. Moscow today is very luxurious, but it`s also in a way deceptive.  
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